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Marry Poppins des Fleurs d´Aloes and Mowgli Cattledrivers Castle♥♥♥

02. Nov 2018

In middle of December we expect Marry's first litter with our male Mowgli.
If you are interested in a "White Sweethearts", please contact us by phone 01797099636 or via e-mail: martina@patzelt5.de.
We are looking forward to hear from you! ♥

"International Champion"

29. Okt 2018

Geronimo from Castle of white sweethearts is now International Champion

Internationale dogshow Rende (calabria italy)

26. Mai 2018

♥Geronimo from Castle of white sweethearts♥ got CACIB and BOB
and our france girl
♥Marry Poppin‘s des Fleurs d‘ Aloes♥ got CAC, CACIB and BOS

our puppies are born

30. Apr 2018