The Family Patzelt | last Update: 06/14/2013 11:45

The Family Patzelt


our kennel is named “from Castle of white Sweethearts”. The love to the coton grew over the years. As I often was job–related on the way in the field service we have delayed the wish to have a Coton as a new family member. As 2004 our little son Nico was born, my tags in our company changed, I had more time. Thus also time for a coton.

2009 we got our Chiara. We are so proud of our girl, she enriches our life every day. The happiness she brings in our life is indescribable. I belief that only a coton owner can sympathize this. In the course of time the wish to breed these little dogs by ourselves expanded more and more; to experience a birth and see these little dogs growing up. Therefor still a few hurdles were necessary. Aptitude test for Chiara , exeminations like hip,knee and eyes being very important! Because in first line the health and the welfare oft he dogs and puppies are in the foreground.Finding a suitable male.All this costs a lot of commitment, if you want to make everything as good as well and perfect as possible. Because we have decided to breed to the guidelines of the FCI, VHD and the Coton de Tulear Verein e. V. In February 2011 our prince Captain Jack Sparrow to us, he will be got a good breed dog and we want to visit exhibitions with him. We are looking forward to it! You will see more of it soon. Our dogs live together with us in our house and garden.

If you’re interested in a coton-puppy of our arctophile breed, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Here we live together with our dogs!